We are setting The Gold Standard in Patient-Centered Care to improve health, opportunity, progress and education (HOPE) in our community.


To establish a Healing Environment of Care that is known for its Gold Standard…

Top Quality Health Care

  • A general hospital that addresses acute, emergent and outpatient needs
  • Residences for doctors and patient families so they can be close to the hospital

Compassionate Healers

  • Our Hospital and College provide Patient-Centered care by Experts you Trust, with years of experience here and abroad.
  • A healing garden because wellness and healing are dependent on clinical and spiritual care.
  • A conference center for Global Health that will attract the best international medical minds in the world

Excellence in Medical Education

  • A Medical College with the highest standards of Quality Education for the next generation.
  • A sustainable school-to-career pipeline that communities can count on as the source of the best nurses and doctors, and medical professionals.


We promote a culture of selfless accountability: Purpose-driven service excellence to ensure the wellbeing of others.

  • SERVICE EXCELLENCE. Putting others ahead of oneself in pursuit of the highest quality and greater good
  • SELF-RELIANCE. Taking responsibility and staying on task to meet goals
  • KINDNESS. Accepting, respecting, and being open to differences of opinion, life choices, and beliefs
  • SAFETY. Doing no harm, protecting, and otherwise ensuring the physical, mental and spiritual state is not intentionally
    at risk
  • INTEGRITY. Doing the right thing even when no one is looking
  • COLLABORATION. Working harmoniously with others to achieve the best outcomes. Teamwork



Negele Arsi General Hospital and Medical College   |   01 Kebele, West Arsi Oromia, Ethiopia   |   Tel. 0461162795