Kibru Beza, MD

Medical Director
Chief of Radiology

Dr. Kibru, a native of Shewa and Kersa Eala, is the Medical Director and chief of Radiology at NAGHMC. He has a long history of commitment to the community and patients in the Arsi region of Southern Oromia. He moved to Kuyera to attend high school at the prestigious Ethiopia Adventist College, where he was chosen as a teacher’s aid. Because of his excellent teaching and mentorship skills, he became one of the school’s youngest faculty members. As a teacher at EAC, Dr. Kibru had great impact on his students, one of whom was the young Gudata Hinika. At the time, Dr. Kibur’s career was only just beginning. He was among the privileged few to qualify for medical school at Addis Ababa University, and completed post-graduate training in Radiology; ultimately joining the medical faculty. Further training includes CT and MRI courses in Finland and Wales. In addition to serving as a practicing physician all over Ethiopia and abroad, Dr. Kibru’s long career has covered leadership positions as District Health Manager, department head and professor at such teaching hospitals as Yerganen Hospital, Dill Hospital, Hawassa University Hospital, Adama University, Arsi University and Yeketit Hospital and Medical College. Plans for Radiology services include expansion into Neuroradiology in the near future.

As a life-long educator, there is no better achievement than to serve alongside those I have had the opportunity to teach. By setting the Gold Standard in our profession & hospital administration, Negele Arsi General Hospital and Medical College will change the future of Negele Arsi and its neighboring communities.

Rebecca Torres, RN, MAN

Chief Nursing Officer

Ms. Rebecca is the Chief Nursing Officer at NAGHMC. Born and raised in Lipa City, Philippines, Rebecca moved to Negele Arsi to provide mission driven nursing care where it is needed most. She has a Masters of Arts in Nursing from Golden Gate College, Batangas City, Philippines. For the past 10 years she served as the chief nursing officer at Metro Lipa Medical Center in the Philippines. Rebecca has extensive nursing experience having been at the bedside, OR and Emergency nurse. At NAGHMC she works closely with the CEO and medical staff leadership to ensure the hospital provides the best nursing in all departments.

My goal is to develop our team to consistently set the gold standard with our patients and with each other. To achieve this, we are working to build collaboration and communication  —  regardless of status or religion.

Gari Negeri, MD

Chief of Internal Medicine

Dr. Gari is the Chief of Internal Medicine at NAGHMC. He was born in Wollega, Western Ethiopia. He began his training as a general practitioner, then specializing in Internal Medicine. He pursued special training in India for Cardiology, with particular competence in Echocardiography.

Prior to joining the faculty at NAGHMC, he was an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine as well as Head of the Department of Internal Medicine at Jimma University. There, he was teaching medical students and residents, conducting research, as well as evaluating students. At NAGHMC, his area of practice is Internal Medicine. As chief of the department, he also oversees the pharmacy and the clinical diagnostic laboratory. In addition to clinical duties, he is also teaching at the medical school.

NAGHMC is a pioneer in providing the gold standard in patient-centered cared. My goal is to help set the gold standard in Internal Medicine care and make this one of the best hospitals in Ethiopia.

Daniel Gidabo, MD

Chief of General Surgery

Dr. Daniel is the Chief of General Surgery at NAGHMC. Born and raised in the Siraio district of Oromia 100 km south of Arsi Negele. Dr. Daniel completed his training at Jimma University Medical School and has worked in many regions of Ethiopia. For 12 years he served as a general practitioner. Dr. Daniel received special training in surgery at CO COSECSA (central south east academy of surgery) and practiced at Pan-African Academy of Christian surgeons (PAACS). Dr. Daniel is a skilled and prolific surgeon who has myriad surgical capabilities ranging from orthpedics, urology, obstetrics,  GYN, and some pediatric surgery. Prior to coming to NAGHMC, he has worked at Dodola District Hospital, Assella Rehobert Hospital and Ziway Share Hospital.

Quality Health Service is the most important gift we can provide our patients and their families. I am deeply committed to serving this community to the best of my knowledge and ability and to helping our hospital teams achieve quality service in general surgery and after care. 

Beyene Yahyeh Zewdie, MD

Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Beyene is the Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NAGHMC. Born in the Gojm Amhara Region, he completed his medical and General Practitioner training at Gonder College of Medical Science. He was selected to train in Obstetrics and Gynectoloy at Addis Ababa University (Black Lion). After successfully completing his training, he worked at Bethel Teaching Hospital in Addis Ababa as a Staff obstetrician and gynecologist. Prior to joining NAGHMC as Chief of OB/Gyn, Dr. Beyene served at Yerer Hospital and then Maristopas International Ethiopia Hospital in Adama before joining the team at NAGHMC. His practice includes attending deliveries, cesarean-sections, and gynecological surgery. Plans for OB/Gyn services include Gynecological Oncology and Surgery as well the optimal treatment of gynecologic tumors.

I believe we can do a lot more for the patients in this area — whether we are providing daily patient care or teaching at the medical school. By setting the Gold Standard in health and education, we will be able to produce more physicians to benefit this area and beyond.

Zenebech Tadesse Debelley, MD


Dr. Zenebech is a physician at NAGHMC. She was born and raised in Shewa, Adama but spent a significant part of her life in Cuba. After completing medical training and internship at Santiago de Cuba Medical School, she returned to Ethiopia to serve her people and to continue training in Addis Ababa. She has expertise in sexually transmitted disease, AIDS/HIV, and tuberculosis. She has provided care in outpatient clinics at Ethiopia Adventist College, Wonge Hospital, Miskev Higher Clinic, Hiberet Higher Clinic and Alert Hospital. She is committed to and passionate about serving and counseling the community’s outpatient clinic population — especially when it comes to preventive care.

My goal is to serve the patients through treatments and counseling. Self-improvement is important for us as healthcare professionals. Working here is a blessing and with a focus on excellence and teamwork, we will be able to grow this one hospital into a system of coordinated care that sets the Gold Standard for the communities we serve. 

Gemechu Geleto Beriso, MD


Dr. Gemechu is a Radiologist at NAGHMC. Born and raised in Negele Arsi, Dr. Gemechu completed his medical training as a general practitioner at Addis Ababa. He was the Medical Director at Shashemene Hospital for 4 years. Dr. Gemechu received his Radiology training at Jimma University and completed courses in CT and MRI training, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, echocardiography at Jimma University. His work and responsibilities at NAGHMC include general radiology, echocardiography as well as particular interest in neuroradiology.

Working at Negele Arsi brings me back to my roots and allows me to support my family while serving this community in best that I can. I look forward to participating in the medical school’s faculty to produce competent radiologists, and to help develop NAGHMC as the best environment for healthcare and education for the country and the world.

Said Yimer Hailu


Mr. Said is NAGHMC’s Head Pharmacist. Born and raised in Gambo Lepis, Mr. Said moved to Negele Arsi from Hawassa. He received his diploma in Pharmacy from Medico Biomedical College in Addis Ababa, and his Bachelor of Science degree from Jimma University. He is knowledgeable in both clinical and industrial pharmacy practices. Prior to joining NAGHMC, he was the Head of Pharmacy and Compound Pharmacy at Gambo District Hospital. At NAGHMC, he is responsible for the purchase, control and oversight of drugs and medical equipment.

NAGHMC has great potential to become a leader in health care and medical education in this region. We are well-positioned to provide inpatient and community pharmacy services. I look forward to developing best practices to establish the hospital as a leader in pharmacy practices.

Kediro Megerso

Human Resources Manager

Mr. Kediro is NAGHMC’s Human Resources Manager. Born and raised in Gambo Lepis, Mr. Kedir moved to Negele Arsi for his high school education and has lived here ever since. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Resource Management and Leadership from Oromia State University. He has been trained in Database Management and Basic Computer Skills, as well as Safety, First Aid and Junior Firefighting. He is responsible for coordinating the hospital’s general services, as well as implementation of policies and procedures related to human resource management. Prior to joining the team at NAGHMC, Mr. Kedir worked in such large industries as Energy, Telecommunications, Trade and Textile.

I look forward to implementing automation of Human Resources records for more efficient patient, staff and vendor transactions.


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